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Forefront Membership Pass NFT minting is now live at

Introducing Forefront Membership Pass

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Forefront is breathing new life into our membership experience, starting off with an all-new membership pass. Designed in collaboration with Occulted, each NFT embodies the emergence and fluidity of tokenized communities through the juxtaposition of the Infinity Flow across a multitude of backgrounds grounded in natural colors, patterns, and tones.

Our goal is to continue to make the Forefront community the premier space for discussion and research on tokenized communities, web3 social, and the intersection of web3 and media.

Forefront Membership Passes grant access to:

◎ All gated media and reports
◎ Forefront Discord
◎ Early access to all future drops
◎ Virtual and IRL community events
◎ Forefront Signal and community Pulse board

Membership FAQ

Who should mint a Forefront Membership Pass?

From our inception, Forefront has been a home for explorers and operators of tokenized communities, web3 social, and web3 media. Our goal is to continue to make the Forefront community the premier space for discussion and research for this ecosystem.

If you're a Forefront supporter, DAO operator, tokenized community builder, or web3 researcher, we highly encourage you to mint and join the Forefront community.

What if I'm already a part of the Forefront community?

Forefront has a long history of bringing together some of the earliest explorers in tokenized communities.

All Season 1, Off SZN, and Season 2 contributors will be able to mint a FF Membership Pass for free (just pay gas).

Members of partner communities (listed below) can participate in the presale, minting a Membership Pass at a discounted rate.

Who can participate in the Presale?

Presale participants will be able to mint the Membership Pass at a discounted rate (0.25 ETH). Presale partner communities include:

  • Seed Club
  • Krause House
  • Lil Nouns
  • Protein
  • Water & Music
  • Folklore
  • FWB
  • CabinDAO
  • Nouns
  • Forefront Genesis NFT holders

If you held tokens in any of these communities as of November 22, 2022, you will be able to participate in the Presale.

How much does the Public Sale cost?
0.3 ETH

How many can I mint?
Each wallet can mint two (2) NFTs.

Can I choose what background I mint? Every NFT presents the same Infinity Flow over one of 88 backgrounds. The background you mint will be chosen at random. However, you can trade with another member or buy a new one on the open market.

Can I resell my membership?

If you are no longer interested in participating in the Forefront community, you can sell your NFT at any time. However, selling or transferring your NFT will remove access to all token-gated experiences and media.

Is the Forefront Membership Pass a governance token?
The Forefront Membership Pass is NOT a governance token.

The Membership Pass exists alongside our $FF ERC-20. $FF is still the sole governance token in the Forefront ecosystem, while the Membership Pass is the sole access token throughout the ecosystem.

Will the Membership Pass devalue the $FF token?
A major priority for us in this endeavor must be to maintain the governance value of the $FF. 

$FF will continue to be our governance token. Theoretically, this should be the most valuable function of a token for any tokenized community. The token has full control over allocation of the treasury.

However, Forefront has been limited in our governance process primarily due to lack of resources. 

This problem is alleviated by generating revenue that can be redistributed to the community, which an NFT helps generate. The goal is for the FF core team to be an independent entity that is self-sustaining, and the community treasury to be completely governed by token holders.

Will there be more Forefront Membership Passes?
Today, there are 888 membership passes available.

$FF token holders will be able to propose and vote on the NFT inflation mechanic, including how many more passes will exist in the future and the system by which they will be minted.