DAO Governance

The Forefront DAO treasury currently receives 100% of the ETH procees from Forefront Membership Pass sales, product revenue, media revenue, and other revenue streams led by the Forefront core team.

Forefront DAO, made up of $FF tokenholders, is the governing body of the Forefront ecosystem and treasury. $FF tokenholders are able to make and vote on proposals for allocating the DAO's treasury. Currently, voting happens on Snapshot and is executed by the Forefront DAO multi-sig. Plans are in place to move towards onchain governance in 2023.

The purpose of Forefront DAO is to research, steward, and grow the tokenized community ecosystem through tooling, media, and culture.


Proposals can be made by community members holding at least 10,000 $FF. If a community member wishes to submit a proposal without the required tokens, they can seek a co-sponsor who holds the required tokens.

A draft of the proposal should be sent to the #ff-governance channel in the Forefront Discord for feedback. After a 5-day feedback period, the proposal can be posted to Snapshot for voting. Voting must last 5 days.